e-Entrepreneur Startups

Like many small business owners, you may believe your business cannot benefit from having a website or that a website is not within your budget. Or maybe you think because you don’t use a computer, neither do your potential customers. These are misconceptions. These 8 reasons show why your company NEEDS a professional website, no matter what size your business.

Content management systems make your content smarter and more powerful. Because content is stored only one time no matter how many times it is used, the system can track everything that happens to it. And editors only have to handle the content one time while the changes are made globally within and across all documents.

A domain name is more than an address. It is your blog, your business and your very online identity. Make it recognizable, easy to remember, and a proud representation of you and your brand.

It is important in international SEO, ccTLDs are the single strongest way to show search engines and users where the site originates. This means that, all things being equal, example.my will likely rank better in a Malaysia user's SERP than example.us or example.com

Not convinced an official company email address is a critical investment in your new venture? Here are eight reasons why you need your own email address. Branded Email is a must for online business!

When businesses calculate the amount of Emails sent out per day, per week, per month the Email signature is a classic opportunity to promote both the business and the individual.